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Take Exit 7 is an indie artist out of Fort Worth, Texas. Your buying support will keep us putting out more songs you will add to your favorite song list. 


Since we are not on a corporate music label, we sell the music online on all digital streaming sites. 

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The new album is called "Warrior Songs", it contains some compositions from my first released in 2014, remixed. I wanted to release this on a special day, 11/24/2019, the Feast of Christ the King. 

I am dedicating this album to my good friend Bill Holford who is the lead vocalist on this project. He always believed in me and never waiver, gig after gig, recording after recording, yes a real warrior.  

So get ready to Take Exit 7... And please signup to stay in touch. 

Thank you Lord for making this happen, all praise and glory to you!

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Song List: 

  • In The Lords Universe

  • Earth and Heaven 

  • Mansion on the Hill

  • Faith Shine Your Light 

  • Communion 

  • Gods Fire

  • Going Up To Texas 

  • The Lazarus Hour

  • I Feel The Power

  • Mama Prudence

  • Another Showdown 

  • No Fear No More