• Pete TE7

Featured Song: Another Showdown

I wrote this song because it is true that once you encounter Christ the King in your life, Satan himself gets involved, he will send millions of his minions to rage against your soul.

When I was writing the lyrics, Clint Eastwood at high-noon surrounded by a legion of demons came to mind, LOL. So the music had to be tense, hard and loud, as war is.

I am talking 24x7, constant distractions and temptations. I would imagine and can just see as we are busy living and sleeping throughout life, without our knowledge and outside our realm, their is a battle waging all around us.

Invisible to us, the great Angels of God are battling the demons for your soul, but I know its real, because i can feel it when I sin, the tide turns to darkness.

St.Paul in Ephesians 6:10-20, talks about "Putting on the Armour of God". Why would we need battle weapons at all? Why doesn't God just make out lives holy and pure?

It's up to everyone of us, seems like this is a call to become warriors not just spectators, so that means that we will probably be dirty and bloody, cut and wounded, possibly killed as all wars are not fair, gentle or kind to the participants.

It's simple in this war, it's you or them that will be victorious, no grey truce, Satan only takes prisoners for eternity.

All this because God considers your soul as the prize of this human war and it's worth more than the universe, so much so, that he sacrificed his only beautiful and powerful son for your soul.

(PS- I used the Clint Eastwood from )


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