• Pete TE7

Warrior Song Album Cover

So, about the album cover. I wanted to keep it very simple, as life is simple, we just complicate things by our choices. If their ever was person that is an expert in this area, its me.

Our lives should be black and white, never grey because that is where we get in trouble. I know that Jesus hates "lukewarm" faith practitioners, so I try to make it black and white.

Like an athlete, artist or musician, the more your practice the better you become. I know one secret, never stop trying.

The baby is the most powerful symbol in the universe, it's the pure love that our Father in heaven has for each of us, the creator manifests this glory every time a child is born with such great potential to change our world for the better or the worst.

Life is all about perspectives, look again and it's a Pyramid with a dark side, tilt the picture 90 degrees and the baby is asleep in a world that is black and white.



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