• Pete TE7

Who is God?

I want to start this post with a simple question; "Who is God?" Is God real? Have you ever felt his presence? What does he look like? Does He smile? Does He cry? Does He get angry?

I wonder if our personal image of God is based on the books we have read? Perhaps it was something a person shared with us? Or maybe a personal experience?

In my young days, I thought writing music was to indulge in the same old story as everyone else; women, sex, partying, cars, toys, etc. Looking back, I was so misguided and dare I say; not in the Holy Spirit.

Today, I see how God has always been with me, family and friends, and those inspirations are what sparks my song writing.

For myself, He appeared early in my young life and has been trying to get my attention ever since. I was under the distractions of the Devil, he had my attention. But the Lord encounters us in many ways, and he does not give up trying, this brings to my knees.

I am so fascinated by the stories of how He totally changes someone's life.

Recent story before our eyes that I am really enjoying is the Kanye West story. Not a big fan of rap but this album is very good and it is an honest man standing up and shouting from the roof top " Jesus is King" in my life.

Their many other artists that deserve to be mentioned but I hope you listen to Kanye's latest album "Jesus is King".


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